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2013 Diversity Summit in Videos Part 1: Southwest’s Ellen Torbert

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During the day, I proudly work alongside my Co-Hearts in Safety and Security.  I also volunteer my time to serve on our Diversity Council where Employees from all walks of life come together to champion and celebrate diversity and inclusion here at Southwest Airlines.  Recently, we hosted our fourth annual, award-winning Diversity Summit themed, “Reframe the Dialogue” where we brought together HR professionals, corporate executives, and community organizations to talk about how embracing diversity and inclusion in the workplace leads to innovation and bringing people together. In my 17 years of service at Southwest, what I LUV most about our core values is that we celebrate individuality and go above and beyond to care for each other.  Being of Indian descent, my co-workers have always been inquisitive and embracing of my culture and what makes me unique. This gives me such peace and satisfaction in the work that I do. At our recent Diversity Summit, Southwest’s Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion, Ellen Torbert, talked about a time early on in her career before working at Southwest Airlines about how her work environment did not make Employees feel like they could bring their whole selves to work.  Ellen’s story is truly humbling, and it touched my heart tremendously. In this video, you’ll hear Ellen talk about the importance of valuing, acknowledging, and respecting each other in the workplace. I’ll never forget when Ellen said, “Every person has a purpose and a value.” Her advice was to walk in a room with your head held high because of who you are. “Take a stand to voice and be that example of what is right.” How do you set the example of what’s right in the workplace?  Let us know by commenting below! JoinTheConvo_Logo