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2013 Diversity Summit in Videos Part 2: James Turley

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Last week you heard from my fellow Diversity Council Member, Shereen Govender, who shared some great takeaways from Southwest’s Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion Ellen Torbert at this year’s Diversity Summit.  Ellen continues to inspire me to lead the charge at our Los Angeles Station where I work as a Manager of Station Administration to make my co-workers feel like they can bring their whole selves to work. One of the other speakers at our Summit this year was James Turley, who is the former CEO of Ernst & Young.  Listening to him speak—it’s evident that he was instrumental in helping the company see the value of having Employees from all different backgrounds and experiences. Mr. Turley continues to be a champion of inclusive leadership and spoke about the importance of the theme of our Diversity Summit – Reframe the Dialogue.  The need to reframe the dialogue is crucial because doing so will turn talk into action.  He echoed Ellen Torbert’s sentiment of working to engage all Employees’ hearts and minds.  While we know in our hearts that embracing people from all walks of life is right, fair, and just, it is also an increasingly important part of a Company’s success. Diversity Summit photo Mr. Turley explained how the landscape of the business world is experiencing a profound geo-economic and demographic shift (including age, gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation).  In this video, you’ll find out why there is a growing need for an inclusive style of leadership, which values differences of all kinds, and fosters a culture where all Employees feel their thoughts and ideas are welcomed.  I hope his message resonates with you as much as it did with me, and that it will inspire you to find ways to better your work Culture. How do you set the example of what’s right in the workplace?  Let us know by commenting below!