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2014 Spring Systemwide Volunteer Initiative Winners

Explorer A
Throughout April, we teamed up with the Student Conservation Association and other environmentally-minded organizations to focus our volunteer efforts on our planet by participating in hands-on conservation projects across the system. We had 30 cities “Spring into Action” and roll up their sleeves to give back in their communities and donated nearly $30,000 of volunteer time. Here are our five winners who earned four roundtrip tickets for their nonprofit organization, which can be used for staff travel or fundraising opportunities. Chartiable2 BHM—Turkey Creek Nature Preserve  After learning that bees are close to becoming extinct, BHM volunteers at Turkey Creek Nature Preserve built a pollinator and planted plants that would attract bees and give them a place to pollinate! BNA—Friends of Beaman Park BNA Employees traveled more than 30 miles to the site to help clean out the wild flower garden, mulch, replant trees, and clean debris from the creek. They even hauled about 100 bags of mulch! DCA/IAD—Earth Day Project at Fort DuPont Park with Student Conservation Association DCA/IAD Employees partnered last year, and had such great success, they did it again this year, even bringing some of their family members out to help! They removed dead foliage, resurfaced plant bed areas, and planted flower and vegetable seeds at Fort DuPont Park. Chartiable1 MKE—Earth Day Project at Washington Park with Student Conservation Association Even though Milwaukee still thought it was winter, MKE Employees cleared two acres of brush at Washington Park to prepare the land for the next generation of growth!  They also worked with inner city high school students to help them prepare for a summer internship. Community_PIT PIT—Earth Day Project at Point State Park with Student Conservation Association The PIT SWA Team cleaned up by raking and weeding sections of Point State Park in preparation for the native plants being introduced back into the park. Five other cities won a pair of roundtrip tickets for their nonprofit just for participating and turning in their volunteer information. Congratulations to BOI, CMH, DEN, HRL, and ICT! How do you give from the heart and give back to your community and the Planet?