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Southwest Airlines Community

28th Annual Dinner: For Those Who Hunger

Explorer B

In Denver, Colorado there is a unique night each year when people line the streets waiting for the doors to open to a very special meal.  This evening, Denver citizens are enjoying the 28th Annual Dinner, For Those Who Hunger, hosted by Volunteers of America.  This annual dinner is in commemoration of the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Dr. King believed that we are all one family and that as a family we should come together in fellowship and eat from the same table. 

Members of both the homeless and senior citizen community in Denver will enjoy a meal of ribs, green beans, cheese potatoes, peaches, and dessert.  There will also be free health screenings available for any of the more than 1200 guests expected to attend.  Of course, all are welcome at this special event and there is no cost to attend.  Live jazz, blues, and gospel music will be provided by Sheryl Rene and her Band with guest performances by Hazel Miller and Lisa Bell. 


Afterwards, guests will have the opportunity to visit the side yard where ARC Thrift Stores and Big-O Tires will set up camp. Each guest will be given a bag to fill with warm coats and free clothing.

Southwest Airlines Employees are, once again, volunteering at the event this year.  Our dedicated Denver Employees enjoy giving back from the heart to their community, and sharing their LUV with those in need on this special day.