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40 Years in 40 Days: Class of 1992

Explorer C

What a wild ride it has been….I’ve had more FUN than a person should be able to have and still call it a job!

My Southwest career began in September of 1991 as a temporary Employee in the Pass Bureau.  A friend and longterm Employee provided the recommendation and “sold” me on what a great Company Southwest was. I’ll never know how she convinced our People Department that this New York gal who had never heard of Southwest was worthy of a trial.

From the first day, I was amazed at how nice everyone was, and that I was included in everything even though I was just a “temp.” I got to experience a lot of Southwest firsts, including Halloween and the one and only Malice in Dallas.  I knew I had to be a permanent part of this crazy Culture and waited patiently for a “real” position to open up.  It only took six months, and I landed a position as an Administrative Assistant in the Marketing Department. My Southwest career was ready for takeoff!

For the past 19 years, I have had the privilege to work for this great Company as a Marketing Warrior. I was so fortunate to get to build a career in Marketing, working on the most amazing brand and with the most amazingly talented People.  There have been so many special and wonderful experiences along the way, so I’ve included some pics from some of my favs (pictured above).
What a tremendous rally cry that was as we rallied to bring home our 5th consecutive Triple Crown Performance. You can’t tell from the picture but that orange hand was actually a costume I wore at our Rally events. Costumes are big around here!

Our Specialty Aircraft events have all been fantastic but California One will always hold a special place for me. It fulfilled a secret desire to tour the country as a band “roadie.” Getting to play roadie on the California One tour was a career highlight!
Whether it was introducing a new product like DING! or celebrating our Culture at a Customer Appreciation event, I LUV how we are encouraged to get out in the field and thank our Customers and Employees. 
You can see my two kids helping out at this Hoop It Up event.  My kids have grown up at Southwest!  My son Adam was eight, and my daughter Megan was six when I started, and they are now 27 and 25. They’ve attended so many Southwest events over the years--marched in parades, passed out thousands of peanuts, and experienced all the LUV first hand.  I am so proud to work for a Company that has made my family such a part of the magic that’s Southwest!

The Wild Ride continues, and I cannot wait to experience the next FUN adventure….