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40 Years in 40 Days: Class of 1998

Frequent Flyer C

In August 1998, I moved from San Antonio to Dallas.  I was 23 years old, and didn’t know a soul in “Big D.”  Given the friendly, Fun-LUVing, and social atmosphere of Southwest Airlines, I quickly made friends, many of whom have become family to me.  Now, being 30-ish (I’ll let you do your own math, but if you do it “right” it only totals 32), I’ve carved myself a nice, comfy little niche in life.  In fact, life was so comfortable that I looked around late last year and found that my life had become a routine of “work, gym, home, and repeat.”  Or in my Nana’s terms, “As plain as yellow puddin’.”

Right then and there, I decided to shake things up by having one new experience each month.  And who better to do these adventures with than with my Southwest Family!  Thus began “Millie’s Monthly Adventures,” and here’s what’s happened so far.  Also note that I am open to suggestions for future adventures! 

January:  Indoor Rock Climbing

I had always wanted to try climbing but never followed through.  I ended up finding an awesome “Ladies’ Night” deal at a local facility (everything for $10), and after a speedy “orientation,” I was climbing like a baby chimp—a little shaky and sometimes crying for my mom at first, but then swinging like a pro.  Special thanks to Community Relations and Giving Specialist Casey Welch and Communication Specialist Michelle Agnew for joining me on my first adventure.  It was a blast!


February:  Zip lining Down Fremont Street in Las Vegas
Seriously—who doesn’t want to soar above Las Vegas’ legendary neon signs of “Glitter Gulch”?  I had heard about this new Sin City attraction late last year and when I found myself in Vegas for business, I talked my Coworkers into heading downtown for some adventure.  While Emerging Media Specialist Steve Heaser and I zipped past, Maintenance Communications Specialist Sarah Bickle and Coordinator Katherine Schultz snapped the photo below.  Good times!


March:  Ladies’ Night at the Gun Range
Gotta love random “Ladies’ Nights”!  About 12 of us (ladies plus two gentlemen) got together for some shooting.  After a thorough gun safety and handling class, we were let loose to shoot Glocks, Uzis, and some sort of army riffle.  Aside from BB guns, this was my first time to shoot, and I loved it!  I ended up being a fairly good shot, but let me tell you, some of my Coworkers are regular-ol’ Annie Oakleys … just in stilettos. 


April:  Painting with a Twist
What happens when you mix a great group of people with wine, hummus, and a painting class?  You get a colorfully, wonderful adventure!  I have always loved art and have done some abstract painting in my time, but have never taken a class.  While we all began with doubts that our painting would in any way resemble the artist’s rendition, we all walked out with a fabulous piece of artwork. 


May:  Witnessed History at the White House
This adventure is an example of “Carpe Diem” or seizing opportunities when they are presented.  I was in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area with Coworkers from Culture and Marketing working on the One LUV festivities for the AirTran acquisition on May 2.  We had just finished dinner when we heard that people were rallying at the White House because it was announced that Osama bin Laden had been killed.  While none of us are particularly political, we thought it would be neat to witness history in the making.  So we headed to the White House just in time to see thousands of people singing and waving American flags. 


As you can see … so far it’s been an incredible and exciting year for me—but not because of the things that I’ve done.  It’s been the People that I’ve shared these adventures with that have brought all the joy. With my Southwest Family, every day is an adventure, and I don’t want to miss one single day.