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40 Years in 40 Days: Class of 2005

Explorer C

Hurray for 2005! It was the year I finally stopped dreading my work day, simply because it was the same year I began my career with Southwest Airlines, the best employer there is. LUV really is all around here!

A few days before my class at Phoenix Center (PC) was to begin, I packed up my belongings and my trusty canine friend, Pepe. We drove from Albuquerque to Phoenix. It’s not an incredibly long drive, but it’s on the top-five most important journeys of my life. I knew I was in a special place when our class trainer shed tears of joy for us at our graduation ceremony. It was remarkable, and I’ll never forget the feeling of pride I had that day.


Almost one year later, I began to get a little homesick and I missed the majestic scenery of New Mexico. Even Pepe was getting a roadrunner-chasing look in his eye, all Wyle E. Coyote-like. And so, we took our journey in reverse. Albuquerque Center (AC) was just as welcoming as PC!

Here at AC, I was presented with the opportunity to help pioneer our e-comm team. The training session in Dallas is another of my top-five adventures. I learned about the power of apology and about truly listening to our Customers’ concerns. Everyone at Headquarters was just as LUV-ly as everyone at AC and PC. Which wasn’t so surprising because, by that time, I knew that Southwest was an extension of my Family.


Now, e-comm is in full swing. Our Team is extremely well-rounded in all things Southwest. We work directly with our ever-patient (sometimes frustrated) Customers; we revel in their kind words; and help them work through their not-so-good experiences. It’s an easy job when you can promise a better next-time, and when you can laugh and smile the whole day through with the wonderful People in the cubicles around you.

Our Culture at Southwest, although palpable, is difficult to explain. I hope I’ve done an adequate job of it here - in my first-ever blog. Thank you for reading.