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40 Years in 40 Days: Class of 2006

Explorer C
Here it is: forty years!  I started in June 2006 with Class 223, the year of Southwest's 35th anniversary.  The Wright Amendment had just been repealed, and plenty of memories had already been played and celebrated.
Five years of cloud punching, bin ballet, and aisle dancing doesn't make me an expert, but the 'U' in Southwest is a memory.  And the "U" (or you) means so many things to me.
The "you" of Tara Farnsworth, who opened the door and invited me in.  You changed my world.  And there are so many of you that I am grateful for and blessed to know.
As a child, I would continually jump off the end of my bed, because I knew I could fly.  I even went to the roof of my house and jumped off several times because I knew I could fly.  I climbed to the top of the highest tree in my yard and... okay, so I didn't jump.  I'm not nuts!  Go ahead and laugh, but most of you probably wore those goofy capes and did the same thing!
I'm still playing out that fairy tale as a Flight Attendant, and now I really do fly!
Soaring alongside monster dragon clouds, illuminating with color and lightning in a perfect storm more magnificent than any Independence Day, fills me with awe.  Watching the reflection of the full moon dance on the wing while Passengers sleep soundly in the dark cabin gives me peace.
The sights, the sounds, the smell of jet fuel: they've all penetrated my being, and I have become one with the Red Bellied Birds that are my second home.  Honestly, Southwest has expanded my consciousness, broadened my horizon, and inspired me to challenge my own beliefs about what is possible.
Though there are a ton of memories, I pick one.  The best one.  My memories of each one of you.  Thanks for who you are.  Thanks for the little things, your smiles, your positive attitudes, and thank you for being so very kind.
Thank you for sharing playtime in the work environment.  You are priceless.
Thank you, Southwest Airlines.