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5 Things Southwest is Thankful to Offer You This Holiday Season

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This time of year always reminds me that I have so many things to be grateful for.  I’m thankful for my family and our good health, but also for the 35,000 Southwest Warriors who every year make sure Customers’ holiday travels go as smoothly as possible.  Just to name a few, here are five things we at Southwest are thankful to offer you this holiday season.


 We’re thankful to provide our Customers with a simple travel experience. 
From our easy online check-in on to Customer offerings like EarlyBird where we save you a boarding pass or our Express Bag Drop, our goal is to simplify your overall experience.

We’re thankful to save our Customers money with Bags Fly Free. 
Whether you’re headed home to eat turkey with friends and family or traveling last minute for business, you can check two pieces of luggage, no charge, including golf clubs and skis.

We’re thankful to offer a spirited cocktail on Thanksgiving, compliments of SWA.   
It’s always happy hour at Southwest, on Thanksgiving, so cheers to a complimentary adult beverage for all you turkeys out there!

We’re thankful to have the happiest Employees in the industry.
For nearly 40 years, our Employees continue to not only deliver outstanding Customer Service but find ways to improve the Customer experience.  At the end of the day, our Employees are here for you—ready to offer their FUN-LUVing attitudes and a smile.

And, last but not least, we’re thankful for our Customers.
Without you, there wouldn’t be a LUV airline.  We’ve carried hundreds of millions of Customers, and we want to thank you for coming back time and time again and affording us the privilege and opportunity to serve you.

Here’s to hoping you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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I'm thankful that my musician son is able to scrape enough $ to come home for Thanksgiving! He found a great ticket on SWA, and his guitar flies free!
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I am grateful that Southwest Airlines has a hub at BWI - and also thankful that SWA has acquired AirTran, so I can, in the near future, fly SWA to Atlanta!!!
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And I am thankful for such a wonderful airline that appreciates those that are loyal to them! You set the example for the others who should follow!!!
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Thanks for getting my daughter in safely and ahead of schedule by 30 minutes on flight 720 MDW to BDL yesterday. No TSA problems encountered!! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you ❤️
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I'm thankful for your wonderfully honest employees. We left an I-touch on your plane this week and we picked it up yesterday in Minneapolis. Thank you to whoever found it on FLT 1824 Monday!
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I love you, SWA! My Son and his family are flying with you Dec 2nd and 9th - (Denver to IND) take good care of them! Crossing my fingers that the car seat will be fee-free too on their way back to Denver on the 9th! You guys rock! Can David (rapping FA) be on those flights? 1383 from Denver to IND and 1503 IND to Denver on the 9th? LOL
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I HATE FLYING !!!!!! With that said, the only airlines I will fly with is SOUTHWEST. Having the love of travel and having flown since the early 1970s, SOUTHWEST is the only airlines that gives me the sense of security and I do not have the "white knuckle " factor. LOVE YOU SOUTHWEST AIRLINES EMPLOYEES
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and you all live up to those 5 all year round, I will fly no other airline. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you at Southwest Airlines
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I'm thankful that I don't have to fly this Thanksgiving and be molested in my privates by a tsa agent.
Adventurer C
I am thankful to work for a company that has such purpose !! We are who we serve ! We are your neighbors, your clients, your friends, your Customers and we are happy to serve all of our Customers. I love to see reunited family members at the airport after an extended seperation. These reunions warm my heart and make me so proud to bring folks together.
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Thankful to SWA for GEG to SAT where our daughter and son-in-law now reside. The flights that moved us from minus degrees to summer-like warmth were not canceled. YAY! The crews were friendly, courteous, humorous and helpful. Thanks for being so reliable. You are always our first choice for travel. Will be thankful if our grad student in Santa Barbara finds a good deal for Christmas from LAX to GEG!
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I am an A-List flyer who is very, very thankful for SWA! I earned A-List status this year, unfortunately, due to frequent travel to be with a parent fighting a serious illness, and there's no way I could have afforded to travel so much without Southwest's RDU flights. Last night (Tue. of Thanksgiving week) my parent was readmitted to the hospital at 9pm. Even on such a busy travel week, I was able to get a 6am flight out the next morning amidst the holiday rush. Southwest has made a difference in my family's life this year and I sincerely thank you for all you do to make travel better in America.
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I am glad you honored your employees before on your list before your customers. Your employees are the difference! I am thankful that you fly into Manchester, NH and hope you never stop doing that! I am thankful for the companion pass, which allows my wife to join me on some of my many SWA flights. Finally, I am thankful to our troops and vets, and glad you honor them all year long.
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Thank you Southwest for the low fares that allow me to escape the cold when I want to - IND to MCO or TPA!! Thanks for the free bags and for the friendly flight crews!
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Thankful that Southwest Flight attendants and Crew always accknowlege the Veterans and Activity Duty US Military on all flights.. Chasing the A list ..Thank You Joe H Chicago MDW-DEN
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Living in Hawaii, I don't get to fly SWA, but whenever I go to the US Mainland. I choose SWA It would be nice to see SWA in Hawaii. Aloha
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I am thankful for the family, friends & places that SW helps me to see. I am also thankful for free bags, really friendly, helpful customer service reps (like when I was super sick & needed to change my flight for a few more hours sleep because I was not missing my B-day trip or when I broke up with my boyfriend & needed the next flight out of dodge...she even listened to my story!), the fun songs some crews sing, landing safely & finally my birthday card from Rapid Rewards (I really liked was a nice touch!).
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I am so Thankful for swa flew you duing a storm and it was all good.
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As I sit at Gate E 8 here in STL waiting for Flt 2198.....I Thank the employee who serve us on this Special Holiday....GOD BLESS...." THE PLANE THE PLANE...IT's HERE.....ON TIME IN THIS LOW CEILING DAY...THANK YOU....
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Southwest is the BEST! After going through the degrading guilty until proven innocent TSA checkpoint and x-ray radiation, you folks treat me like a human. My mom is a retired flight attendent from TWA, so I really appreciates all the hard work everyone at SWA does. Keep up the GREAT work... your crew flew me to Kansas to see my brother and family(his three kids are really cool) for Thanksgiving. Plus my Dad and Aunt flew SWA from Boise and Sacramento to celebrate. On past flights, the ticker counter folks were great and treated me very well. One time, the nice lady in Phoenix noticed my flight was canceled(due to bad weather) and changed my ticket to another flight to get me home on time. Just excellent work... Thank you, thank you, thank you. :) Next, I'm off to see my mom in Phoenix, and I'm flying SWA. Thank you and good day! :) Thomas
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I flew Southwest this November to visit my son that lives in St. Pete Florida and I was impressed with how the crew did handle the whole flight sitluation from getting tickets all the way to the minute that we landed. I liked sitting where I wanted. I have'nt flown in 22 years and if I decide to take another trip, flying Southwest would be my airline of choice. Good job Southwest.
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I LUV Southwest! It's the best airline! 🙂 I flew you this past summer (2010) again to St. Louis & got to help serve snacks again. I have some more pictures of me with the crew! Fact for the day: Giraffes sleep only 5-30 minutes a day! Zzzzzz SWA LUV & mine!