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A Christmas Wish Come True: Meet the Family for the First Time

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Tiffanie Reschke is a teacher within the Chicago Public Schools. After several trips to Africa, Tiffanie realized she wanted to become a foster mom. Along the way, at only 26 years old, Tiffanie decided to adopt Leo. Just a few days after Leo turned four, Tiffanie officially became Leo’s guardian. But it wasn’t the only surprise for them this year—on Dec. 22, 2016, KiSS-FM Radio in Chicago brought Santa to their house!


Tiffanie and Leo meeting SantaTiffanie and Leo meeting Santa


Tiffanie wrote a letter to Fred and Angi on KISS-FM for their KISSmas Wish, explaining that Leo had never experienced Christmas before. Her wish was granted when the radio crew, dressed up as Santa and his reindeer, brought over Christmas gifts to surprise Leo.


Southwest Employee James Goodman heard Tiffanie’s story on the radio and decided he could help. Part of Tiffanie’s wish was to fly to Denver so that her newly adopted son could meet the rest of his family for the Holiday.


“I was feeling extremely emotional that day and I was determined to get them to Denver for Christmas,” James said. “So I immediately called my Coworker, Michaeline, and said, ‘We need to make this happen!’”


Tiffanie checking in at the Southwest counterTiffanie checking in at the Southwest counter

After a few calls with some of his Southwest contacts and with the help of his Coworker, Michaeline Johnson, James managed to get some tickets.


Both Michaeline and James had planned to welcome Tiffanie and Leo at the airport, but as the day came closer to the flight, James fell ill and was not able to go.“They called me from the airport to say thank you and I immediately burst into tears because I felt like we had done something for someone that meant the world to them!” James said. “It was an easy phone call for us, but it meant more to Tiffanie and her family than anything else that day.”






As Tiffanie and Leo got ready to take off on their Holiday journey, Michaeline and other Southwest Employees planned more surprises to make the experience memorable. Tiffanie and Leo received special attention during their flight, including a tour of the cockpit.


“On that day, I was happy to feel like we did something spectacular and made someone’s wish come true for Christmas!” James said. “I try to find ways to do something for others every Christmas and this was bigger than me and it felt good!”






Thank you to the Southwest Employees who made this family’s Christmas wish come true and shared some of the Christmas Spirit and LUV with our Customers.


Tiffany & Leo, Have a wonderful flight!! LUV, MDW ProvisioningTiffany & Leo, Have a wonderful flight!! LUV, MDW Provisioning


 Leo in the cockpit!Leo in the cockpit!