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A Decade of Friendship

Explorer A
Several weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of my dear friend Jennifer to Mike. At the reception, I was able to reconnect with friends I had not seen in years. As we started catching up, we realized that we share in a decade of friendship. We all started as freshman at Lipscomb University in the fall of 1997. Over the last ten years, we have experienced weddings, funerals, births, showers and many more milestone events. We all met in Nashville, Tennessee, but since that time we have moved to Ohio, Georgia, Texas, Wisconsin, Florida, Missouri, Brazil and China. Given our geographical distance, we still get together to celebrate milestones with each other most times thanks to Southwest Airlines. When we don't have a milestone to celebrate, we get together just for fun. One year we went to Ft. Myers on a great Southwest Airlines  fare. Most of us are married and building our families, but we still enjoy time together with old friends. Any of you plan trips just to get together with old friends? We'd love suggestions of trips we should take.