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A Different Kind of Freedom

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Last weekend I saw Freedom in its most natural form at the Dog Park on Montrose Beach. My husband and I recently moved to Chicago with our mutt Charlie and were told about the dog park along the shore of Lake Michigan. Since summer is clearly here we decided to give it a try and see how our Lab/Golden Retriever mix would take to the experience. Let me just say that he LUVed it! What I witnessed put a smile on my face as I saw Yorkies, Great Danes, Bulldogs, Terriers and even a Chihuahua enjoy the freedom of the Montrose Dog Beach.

All the various breeds were off their leash and able to swim in the water, run in the sand, and play among themselves, all to the pure amusement of their owners. You could not help but chuckle at Charlie’s enjoyment as there was no leash to hold him back. All you could see for a quarter-mile stretch was tails waging and spirits abounding as they leapt to catch a tennis ball or crashed into the cold lake. I had to practically carry my 100-pound Lab out of the water in order to get home in time for dinner. It was pure joy to watch these dogs experience Freedom.

As we celebrate the 4th of July which commemorates the Freedom we have to live our lives in this great country I hope that I can get rid of the burdens that hold me back (at least for the weekend 🙂 and experience that “Happy Dog” Freedom that I witnessed on the Montrose Dog Beach. If you are a dog LUVer and a Southwest Airlines LUVer you need to bring your pet up to Chicago Midway and take Fido to the Dog Beach. Believe me… it will put a smile on your face.