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A Dog's Tale: My Journey to the World Dog Awards

This post is a guest post from Turbo Roo, who received the Underdog of the Year at the World Dog Awards.  He was born with only his two back legs, and thanks to some special love, he was adopted by Ashley Looper and Raymond Hurt and outfitted with a special mobility device. One morning, my parents woke me up super early, and I wasn’t sure why. They said we were going on a “trip”—whatever that means! So we headed off to the airport in Indiana, where we were met by really nice Southwest Airlines Agents. They helped us get our luggage checked in and printed our boarding passesfor our flight. Roo1 Once we were all checked in, I got to roll around the concourse and saw lots of people with bags that had wheels, just like me! It was super cool considering my wheels were the best looking! Lots of people took my picture and asked where I was headed off to—I proudly told them that I was heading to Los Angeles for the filming of the World Dog Awards! I was so excited, especially knowing that I had won the prestigious honor of Underdog of the Year. Roo2 Pretty soon, we boarded a HUGE plane. We stopped quickly in a place called Denver, then quickly boarded another flight on our way to California! Once we landed, I knew this was going to be an awesome trip. There were palm trees all around and the sun was shining—it was much warmer than at home in Indiana! We went to a little hotel right by the beach where I got to experience sand for the first time. Wow, did I like that. It was so soft on my chest! The next day, it was time for my V.I.P (Very Important Pet) treatment to continue. We headed to Los Angeles, where the World Dog Awards were going to be filmed. I felt so special at our hotel, because they had a sign with my name on it, and a comfy dog bed, dog bowls, and my own toy with my name on it in the hotel room. I also got to make friends with some of the other dogs who were nominated at the World Dog Awards. Roo3 The filming of the show was so much fun. I cheered for my new friends who were nominated for honors, such as Most Pawpular Dog, Dog of the Year, Top Movie Dog, and even Most Dog-Like Cat! I knew that this was an experience I would always remember. After the filming, it was time to head back home. Now that I had one flight under my belt, I felt like a travel pro! Our trip home was as special and fun as it was on the way to Los Angeles, and the Southwest Airlines Employees treated me like a real VIP. Once I was on the plane, I made some new Flight Attendant friends! Roo4 I had so much fun on my first plane trips. Thanks, Southwest, for all of the hospitality that you showed me! Be sure to tune in to The CW on Thursday, January 15, to see the World Dog Awards and see me accept the Underdog of the Year Award and to see which pet will win!