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A Dream Come True: Adopting our Daughter

New Arrival

After months and months of waiting, we got the call. The call telling us to travel immediately to Phoenix because the birthmother of out soon-to-be-daughter was in labor. We knew we needed to get on the next plane and didn't even hesitate on which airline to call.



Southwest Customer Relations helped us quickly reserve the last flight from Florida. When we arrived at the airport the Ticket and Gate Agents were so excited for us and expedited everything to ensure we made the flight. The Flight Attendants made a special announcement and cheered for us as they shared in our excitement! Upon arrival we were greeted by baggage claim with champagne and they said they would deliver our luggage to the hospital since we had made an earlier connecting flight.


We rushed to the hospital as suddenly time stood still when we saw our daughter for the very first time. It was an amazing experience meeting her and we owe a huge thank you to the entire Southwest Airlines Team! You all went above and beyond the call of duty and our little family is so very thankful.