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A Dream Vacation

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Lombard StreetThe days and weeks following a vacation, I spend time updating my friends and family with all the photos from the trip. Pictures include my favorite sunsets, fun restaurants, my hotel room, and all the sites from the destination. On a recent trip to San Francisco, I was able to capture our experience driving down the famous Lombard Street. Now we ask you, our friends and family, to share your vacation pictures with us. Until October 22, submit your favorite vacation photo on Come back to from October 24 through November 1 to vote on the best photos. Two winners will receive a vacation to Walt Disney World® Resort during The Year of a Million Dreams celebration. Also the winning photos will be displayed on from November 1 – November 8. Disney Photo ContestClick here and enter your favorite vacation picture today.
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I just went to Walt Disney World and on a Disney cruise in August. I have about 500 pictures to choose from too, so it will be hard for me to pick just one. And yes, I did save a bundle by booking early and flying on Southwest.
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I want to send a picture, but don't know how to do it, other than just mailing one in! Plus, it's hard for me to pick only one. Interesting fact of the day: Chewing a piece of sugarless gum burns 11 calories an hour. (I wonder how many calories you burn eating candy corn? *Hmmm. Scratches head in thought.*) :) SWA LUV from a future RSA, CSA, & FA (& possibly Provisioning Agent & something at HDQ?)!