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A Few Things to Make the Green Heart Sing!

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As Valentine’s Day approaches, we are all looking for ways to share the LUV. With these Green gifting tips you can express your love for both the Valentine in your life and the environment. Don’t cut! - A nice alternative to fresh cut flowers…plant a tree in your sweetheart’s honor- plant it yourself, plant one together, or donate a tree that Arbor Day will plant for you - then watch the love grow! Sweet tooth – we aren’t saying no to chocolates, instead green it up with local, organic, fair trade chocolates.  It’s a nice healthy choice for our bodies and our earth. Make memories - Instead of buying a simple object as a Valentine’s Day present, give the gift of an experience you both can enjoy. Take a class together, such as cooking or dancing. Get potted - Buy an organic potted plant from a local market and enjoy a gift that keeps on giving.  Not only will a potted plant outlast cut flowers, most house plants are known to purify the air, produce oxygen from CO2, and reduce humidity in your home. Considerate Cards - Our earth gets hit hard on February 15th every year from the amount of Valentines cards being thrown away- get creative with handmade cards, use an e-card, or buy them from a local artist (who preferably uses recyclable materials). Everyone wins - If they’re hinting at those more expensive items, you don’t want to disappoint. There are plenty of companies out there who make items, such as jewelry or candles, with organic materials. That’s a wrap! - Now that you have all of your green gifts for that special someone, give it that final touch with some green wrapping. You can wrap it with newspaper or even gently used t-shirts or scarves.