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A Fight to the Finish: Jodi and Christie are Out, but NOT Down

New Arrival

Like many of life's adventures, The Amazing Race had to come to an end, and for Southwest Flight Attendants and reality television stars, Jodi and Christie, it ended on the sixth leg.

The remaining seven teams traveled together on the same flight to Jaipur, India's "Pink City."  J/C were second out of the gate (the airport gate, that is) behind Tammy and Victor, knowing very well that they had to keep pace at the head of the pack if they were going to advance to the seventh leg.  Unfortunately, their number two spot was forfeited when their cab driver stopped for gas on the way to the next clue box; and just like that, J/C were in last place--where they would stay.  Jodi flexed her muscles and made up some time during the "Roadblock" challenge,  feeding and watering one of India's most common animals, the camel, and they flew through the "Speed Bump" that they alone had to perform (decoratively painting the trunk and forehead of another one of India's common animals, the elephant).  When it came time for the "Detour," J/C were not far behind stunt brothers, Mark and Michael, who chose to take their chances peddling through the busy streets of Jaipur instead of "shaking their moneymakers" as the other teams did, which turned out to be quite a gamble.  It took J/C no time at all to solicit 100 Rupees as they played the parts of the humps in a colorful camel costume to complete their "Detour" task, but Mark and Michael squeaked by, arriving at the "Pit Stop" mere footsteps before our Flight Attendants.

Jodi and Christie made a valiant effort to stay in the race, and I think they would have pulled it off if their driver had just stopped to fill up before going to the airport that day.  J/C left with big, Fun-LUVing smiles on there faces, and why not?  They experienced the breath-taking views in Switzerland; German chocolate pie-in-the-face; the thrill of gymnastic competition in Romania; what it would be like if your dream of leaving the house in your underwear came true in Sibieria; and the rich culture of India.  Best wishes to Jodi and Christie as they have returned home to their loved ones--including us, their Southwest Family.  We're proud of you, and you should be proud of you too! 

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Way to go guys! My family really LUVS the Amazing Race and have watched every season. We were cheering for you guys and were proud of what a great job you both did! I really thought you might pull it out even though you had the speed came down to something out of your control (cab driver who stops for gas) and you can't be too down about that:)
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Hey all, This is Jodi. I just wanted to thank you all for your recaps and your support. We have been forbidden from talking to any type of press until we were eliminated from the race. Rules! Something they don't show on TV....our cab driver took a 30 minute delay leaving the airport. He tried to take us to the wrong city. So 30 minutes after we left the airport we passed by it again. Stopping for gas was just a result of our unplanned city tour. That is what really cost us the race. I had such an amazing experience being part of this cast and I thank everyone at Southwest for their help in making it happen. Jodi Wincheski