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Southwest Airlines Community

A Healing Heart

Explorer A

Here at Southwest, fellow Employees are more than just Coworkers, they're Family.  Part of what bonds a family is storytelling, and the above-and-beyond lengths we’re willing to go for one another.  When we received this recent LUV Report, we were in awe at the bond this group of ATL Mechanics share and how they pin-pointed the core of what our Culture is—taking care of one another. Dustin, a shop mechanic in Atlanta, Georgia, was always the “go-to engine guy” in the hangar.  When he discovered he had to undergo heart surgery for a leaking aortic valve, he and his Coworkers were apprehensive about the procedure. Dustin spent about a week in the hospital after a successful surgery before going home to recuperate. During his recovery, he had a difficult time walking or even performing daily tasks. Will, Dustin’s Leader, had the idea to help Dustin and his family around the house, and the Atlanta Maintenance Crew was more than happy to pitch in. From changing the oil in the cars, repairing a broken lawnmower, or hauling tree branches and brush, Dustin’s Coworkers were there to help during Dustin’s recovery. “It’s really just like a big family here,” Dustin said. We LUV hearing about our Employees who share their big heart and demonstrate what our Culture is founded on—putting People at the core of everything we do—taking care of one another, and taking care of our Customers.  Whether you’re a part of, a recipient, or a witness of these acts of kindness, we’ve love to hear your story! Write to us by visiting and clicking “Contact Us.”