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A Magical First Flight

Explorer C

We returned from a family vacation where my husband and I surprised our two kids with a trip to Disneyland. This was the first flight for my 5-year-old daughter and Southwest went above and beyond making her feel welcome. We were headed to Oakland departing from Salt Lake City on May 2, but not before the Gate Agent, Lucy, got wind of our first-time flyer. She asked if she could take my daughter on board prior to boarding where she met the Pilots and Flight Attendants. She was given a tour the cockpit and the plane complete with pictures. When she was returned to me Lucy asked for my phone number and texted me the pictures. 



magical first flight.pngDuring the first flight leg, the Flight Attendants fawned all over my daughter asking her where she was going and what she would be doing. She was taken to the front galley where she was given a tour of all the drawers, returning to her seat with swizzle sticks, a creamer, a coffee packet, a napkin, and a cup. It was adorable. On our second leg from Oakland to Long Beach, we had much the same reception. My daughter was presented with a First Flight Certificate. The Flight Attendants brought wings and cute Southwest planes to punch out and fold for both my daughter and my now “old-hat-flyer” son. This was an experience she will never forget.


In this day and age of stories of misbehaving flyers and disgruntled airline employees, it was refreshing to have a genuinely happy Flight Crew with which to share the skies. It restored my faith in humanity and made a little girl's dreams come true. Keep up the good work and we will be back flying with you again soon!


P.S. In all my excitement I left my iPad on the plane. It was found on the plane after we deplaned and taken to customer service where it was locked in a safe until I could retrieve it. Thank you honest folks of Southwest!

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Frequent Flyer C

Does it get any better than this!! Love this story 🙂