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A New Flavor and a New Look

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Try to guess what I’m talking about?  You can find them at a baseball game, in a candy bar, or at your local pub.  Give up?  It’s PEANUTS and as you already know, we are NUTS about Peanuts!   In 2009, we served 90 million bags of peanuts!

You may have noticed that we recently transitioned from honey roasted to lightly salted peanuts as one of our inflight treats.  And we also gave our packaging a makeover with clever messaging about our Southwest products.  So, the next time you're onboard and your stomach starts growling and you need a salty snack with your cold drink, look for the new treats on your next flight.  Happy snacking! 



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Pretzel packaging received the same treatment.
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I went on your website for this very reason-to find out if you serve peanuts on board. Well my queston has been answered and I have to say that I am extremely disappointed. I have travelled with southwest in the past and have been very pleased. However, since then our child has been diagnosed with severe/life threatening peanut allergy. I understand that the majority of your passengers do not have nut allergies but for those of us whose lives have been affected we have no choice but to take our business to another airline. I don't expect the rules to be changed for us few, however, I think that sometimes our voices need to be heard inorder to make others aware of the severity of these allergies. Please keep our airlines safe for ALL travellers.
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Weren't they lightly salted awhile back? I think this is better -- the honey roasted were coated in sugar that made them difficult to eat without making a mess.
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the new treats being the peanuts?
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"Cleaver messaging" ?! That sounds interesting. ; )
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Sorry about using the cleaver, it's been corrected. Anonymous at 13:44, we have special provisions for Customers with peanut alergies. Check out
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Now, if we could just get them covered in chocolate!!!
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I'm sure there is a good reason to change to lightly salted. I wish the Honey Roasted would have stayed. I can't imagine I'm in the minority...but maybe I am.
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I miss the Honey Roasted peanuts 😞 The lightly salted kind just stick in your throat with no flavor. Southwest used to have the best snacks around, by far. It was one of the reasons why I liked flying with them. Now it is just a bag or two of lightly salted peanuts. Oh how times have changed. Imagine how people who used to get real meals on airplane flights must feel now.