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A New Hire’s Journey

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backpack Michael Neel had two dream jobs growing up—to be a centerfielder for the New York Yankees or to work for Southwest Airlines. While the Yankees didn’t really work out, he never lost sight of his dream to work for Southwest and his passion for the Company continued through high school. “My L.L. Bean backpack had the initials SWA, my senior quote was ‘Fly Southwest Airlines,’ and I even wrote Herb Kelleher a letter asking the Company to hire me when I became old enough!” said Michael. Well, all that dedication to the LUV airline throughout the years paid off.  Last month, Michael Neel was hired as a CSA Supervisor in Louisville. He credits a dear friend and SWA veteran, CSA Supervisor Julie Adams, with helping him get his foot in the door. Regardless of how he got here, or how long it took, its been a long time coming for Michael and we’re thrilled to have him onboard. Michael, welcome to the Southwest Family!


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