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A Night to Remember: How My Daughter’s Senior Prom was Saved Thanks to Southwest and MAC Cosmetics

Explorer C

My daughter’s high school robotics team competed at the World Championship in Houston recently, and they specifically chose to leave competition early so they would be home in time to celebrate their Senior Prom. They were booked on Flight #3481 from Houston to St. Louis with an arrival time of 3:00 p.m., giving them plenty of time for primping and pictures.  


All was going according to plan and spirits were high until they learned that there was a mechanical issue on the plane resulting in a five hour delay, which would put them home mere minutes before prom was to begin. Would senior prom be ruined? Not a chance with Southwest!


Flight Attendant Nicole (Nic) overheard the team talking about missing prom and sprang into action. Armed with every hair product known to man including bobby pins, pony tail holders, and curling irons, the girls had a team of Flight Attendants creating amazing up-do’s for them. But Nic didn’t stop there. She asked MAC Cosmetics to provide complimentary makeup for the girls and they were thrilled to lend a hand. 




What about clothes, you may ask? Nic thought of that too. A quick phone call to the Southwest Team in St Louis and a dressing area was set aside. Parents, grandparents, and siblings were enlisted to bring tuxes, dresses, and all the accessories to the airport in advance of the team’s arrival. Upon landing, my daughter and her team were quickly escorted to the changing area. Fifteen minutes later, an incredible group of kids were ready to head straight to prom. They arrived at the exact same time as the rest of their senior class. Thank you Southwest and MAC Cosmetics for saving the day and making this a prom night these kids will never forget!