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A Pizza Party on Southwest Airlines


One of the things I enjoy the most about working for this Company is that I am constantly blown away by the actions of our Employees—especially when dealing with adverse circumstances.  Recently, I received a call from the ABC affiliate in Denver asking about one of our Flight Crews who served pizza to our Customers on a flight last week from Ft. Lauderdale to Denver.  The flight was diverted to Pueblo, Colorado, due to weather in Denver. 

Upon hearing the news that the flight would have to wait two hours to depart to Denver, our Flight Crew contacted the folks at the Pueblo Airport to order Little Ceaser’s pizza for our Customers, had it delivered to the aircraft, and then personally served the pizza while they waited for the weather in Denver to clear so they could depart.  While our Customers weren’t thrilled about the delay, which was beyond our control, they appreciated the gesture so much that they contacted the local news in Denver upon their arrival to brag about how our Flight Crew made a lasting impression on them in the face of an adverse set of circumstances.

To read the resulting media story and see a slideshow, visit:

Just another example of how our People make the difference for our Customers.  Only at Southwest would our Employees turn a diversion and delay into a pizza party.