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A Poem: The Southwest Season

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By: Tom Van Loon, MDW Sky Cap

'Twas the holiday season and all around us

Families were traveling by car, truck and bus.

While many were caught up in traffic’s nightmare

The smarter ones chose to travel by air.

The smartest of all let their choice be Southwest

For they knew in a moment they’d be cared for the best.

The families all chose to go far and wide

And knew on Southwest they would travel with pride.

They packed swimsuits and flip flops, skis and snowshoes

Not a worry they had, bags fly free by twos.

While counter agents check bags and print boarding passes

Gate Agents and Ops help steady the masses.

Ramp Agents, like elves, work quick on the line

To assure all our flights would have takeoffs on time.

“On one bag on two bags then load up that freight

Now close all the doors and push back from the gate”.

Once folks are on board and all buckled up tight

The crew makes announcements to ready the flight.

They’ll show you the exits and how everything works

Where your two carryons go, another one of our perks.

While in flight they’ll serve snacks, free soft drinks and more

And when you arrive they’ll thank you at the door.

Now go claim your bags they’ll be spinning around

If uncertain where yours are, don’t fret and don’t frown.

Baggage agents are there to help show you the way

If your bags are too many, Skycaps load your sleigh.

So, go visit your family and go visit your friends

Southwest is your best choice, you’ll see in the end.

And don’t be surprised if on this Christmas night

You hear Southwest pilots call as they zoom out of sight,

“Merry Christmas with LUV and to all a great flight!"