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A Southwest Airlines Birthday Party

New Arrival

Aiden is quite possibly the biggest Southwest Airlines fan, and he is only three years old. When we asked him what he wanted for his birthday party, his reply was “A Southwest Airlines party!” Our family flies Southwest exclusively, and Aiden has been on over 30 planes in his short life. Whenever a plane flies over our house, he looks to the sky and yells “Southwest!” when he sees the famous blue, red, and orange colors.


So I called a few Southwest Airlines numbers and finally got in touch with Eric Castilleja in Austin. He was so excited to hear that Aiden was such a huge fan of Southwest and was more than willing to help us with his birthday wish. Eric and Victoria Padron made a personal appearance at Aiden’s party and came bearing Southwest Airlines gifts.


Birthday cakeBirthday cake Landing stripLanding strip Goody bagsGoody bags

All of our family and guests were so delighted by the enthusiasm and dedication of these two amazing Southwest Employees. Aiden felt extremely special to have Southwest visitors come to his birthday party. Thank you, Southwest Airlines, for having the most amazing Company and the best People working for you.