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A Southwest Airlines Customer Gives Back--David Nail's Southwest Journey

Explorer C

Regular followers of Nuts About Southwest know that songwriter/singer David Nail has been blogging about his frequent travels as a Customer of Southwest Airlines.  In this installment, David writes about a trip that will allow him to give back to the community.

So after a week of dealing with flood/throat issues, I'm finally ready to get back out on the road.  This week I'll be visiting a place that has quickly become my home away from home.  Those of you who know me, or have read anything at all about me, know my work with The Payton Wright foundation has become one of my utmost priorities.  I've grown so close to the Wright family in the past year, and they've become more like family.  I will be playing in the second annual Payton Wright Golf Tournament this Friday.  I can't wait to see Patrick and Holly and their two little girls.  My manager and I will be flying down Thursday morning (Southwest of course), so we'll have more or less two days with them.  Please take five minutes and read about Payton's story:

I realize we are in a time when everyone is affected in some way shape or form by the reality of cancer, and though cancer and death are never easy, it's certainly much more powerful when it takes a young five-year-old girl.  I pray that you will be moved like I've been moved by this little girl.  It truly is a remarkable story.  Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you in the sky, or at a show soon!!!