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A Southwest Kind of Birthday

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Whether they experienced a special birthday onboard Southwest or were just inspired by our LUVing colors, Customers have shared their memorable Southwest birthdays with us!


Southwest Birthday Candles


I was flying back from Las Vegas to Louisville, KY with a connecting flight when the flight crew on both flights recognize me for my birthday and had the passengers sang happy birthday to me.  On the second flight, we were cleared to land in Louisville, nearly 7,000 feet above the ground, when a Flight Attendant announced a special person on the airplane who was celebrating a birthday, naming my seat number.  Then, he had all 151 Passengers pulled their shades down, turn off the service lights until it was dark, and click on their service lights, which was a pretty sight within itself.  Those lights acted like candles. He told me to count to three, take a deep breathe, and make a wish while blowing my "candles." When I blew, all the call lights turned off as if I just had blown out candles. In addition, they presented me a bottle of Champagne.  I will cherish this moment. Little acts of kindness like that is why I consider you all the best airline to fly.  Thanks so much for making this a birthday I will always remember.  

 — Uncle-Norman, Southwest Customer



Southwest Birthday Cake


We took our son Cadel on his very first plane ride this past October for a family vacation. We live rather close to an airport, so we had previously spent many afternoons watching Southwest planes take off and land. His first plane ride, round trip, was fantastic! We thought he was going to be scared, but he loved it and he always lets people know he rode in a SWA plane when he sees one in the sky.


For his 5th birthday he asked for a plane cake that looked like the one he rode on when we took him on vacation. Thankfully, we have a family friend who is a fantastic baker and who agreed to take on the project. As you can tell she did a phenomenal job and even gave his plane a personalized tail numberC2112T: His birthday date and his initials. Everyone asked if my husband or I worked for Southwest and/or why he wanted a cake like that. We don't work for Southwest, so his experience with Southwest just left a positive print in his mind!


Thanks for making our sons first flight so memorable! He loved his flight and he loved his cake! 

JTremont, Southwest Customer




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