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A Southwest LUV Story in Four Parts: Part Four … Happily Ever After

Explorer C

As you may have guessed, Steve and Jessie fell head over heels in love.  Here’s  their happy ending.  Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Jessie’s Story Over the next few months, Steve flew to me, I flew to him, and we explored the question that comes up in every relationship: Where is this going?  We decided if we were to seriously LUV Story 4explore the next steps, it was time I met Steve’s two children from his first marriage. He had a seven-year-old son with special needs named Drake, and a five-year-old daughter named Teah, and we hit it off.  With everything this man had endured, it was obvious he was ready for love, and he definitely deserved it. In April 2011, I took the ultimate leap of faith and love, packed a U-Haul truck, and moved to Santa Cruz, where Steve and I would live with our two doggies and eventually, the kids every other weekend. There were many obstacles and challenges that tried to get in the way and disrupt our love, but to no avail. For what did not kill us, definitely made us stronger. Moving Day Side TruckEven though I had family in San Jose, I still would undoubtedly miss my family in "So Cal."  Since Steve was a frequent flier with Southwest, he qualified for a companion pass.  I became his companion and was able to fly with him to see family and still be present for important events for the excellent price of $2.50 each way! We loved sharing and reliving our story of how we met not once, but twice. Despite all odds and geography, we were living the dream of a flying love.  In June 2012, Steve asked me to marry him, and I gladly accepted. We decided to have an airplane-themed wedding and began scouting venues. After searching for “Airplane Themed” weddings, I came across pictures of a wedding at Camarillo Airport WW2 Aviation Museum. We visited the Aviation Museum and fell in love with it, for we were destined to marry where our love began … at an airport. Naturally, the ceremony would be right in front of the runway surrounded by old planes with the reception to follow in the hangar. On July 20, 2013 we exchanged vows and our promise to love one another, surrounded by our closest friends and family.  To this day, I am still his flying companion, and we are so thankful to have had Southwest Airlines take our love to new heights as we soar on the wings of love. Steve’s Story In March of 2011, Jessie met my children for the first time at the San Jose Airport, and we spent the afternoon at the Children’s Discovery Museum. My daughter Teah and Jessie really connected that day.  My son, Drake, was diagnosed with Autism, and I remember Jessie being so compassionate in her interactions with him.  I could really see and feel that a wonderful LUV Story 3life was in the making.  A few weeks later, Jessie and I were having dinner with my father, and he asked me if I was interested in moving into his vacation rental in Santa Cruz, Calf.  I told him I would definitely move in but I needed to figure out a roommate situation.  The next day, I proposed to Jessie the prospect of being my roommate and moving her from Southern California to Santa Cruz.  In April, I packed her stuff in a U-Haul with her dog and we drove into a new life together in Santa Cruz. Jessie became my companion not just at home in Santa Cruz, but also on Southwest.  We would fly once a month down to Burbank to be with family and friends. Southwest was a cornerstone in the foundation of our Love.  Southwest softened the transition and eased the concerns of missing out on family events. In the Spring of 2012, after a weekend visit with my mother and a great conversation on the way to the Airport, I decided I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Jessie.  I proposed to her and she accepted.  We now had to plan a wedding.  We had one small challenge, how to find a venue that could accommodate her large family and correlated with our romantic courtship of flying.  We found our venue in January 2013, at the Camarillo Commemorative Air Force Museum.  We would fly down once a month for wedding planning.  July 20, 2013 Jessie became my wife and we embarked on “The Flight of our Lives” Thank you Southwest for sharing the love, because when you give love, you get so much more back!   LUV Story 1   LUV Stpry 2   Photo Credit: Majic Moments Wedding Photography