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A Southwest LUV Story

Explorer A
In 2006, Southwest received 284,827 resumes and hired 3,363 new Employees. Our People Department looks through thousands of resumes to find the perfect fit. Back in the spring of 2001, Krislyn Barr was doing just that when she came across the resume of Michael Holt. According to Kris, Michael's resume had the right kind of sheetmetal experience needed for an open position in our Dallas Maintenance Base. She called Michael for a phone interview and "liked what he had to say." Following the successful phone interview, Kris scheduled Michael for a one-on-one interview with the Maintenance Interviewing Team. The one-on-one was a success, and Kris had the great joy of offering Michael a position with Southwest Airlines. Michael, like most New Hires with Southwest Airlines, wanted to kiss Kris for the career opportunity, but he didn't...yet! Over the next year, Michael and Kris continued with a friendship, saying hello in the hallways, making quick stops at each other's workplaces and such. Kris always thought Michael was one of those "great guys." Kris later found that she was the topic of a water cooler conversation with Michael and a group of Coworkers. The waiting game began. We all know that during the early stages of a relationship, days are like weeks, weeks like months. So after two weeks...Kris took matters into her hands. Kris made a "planned" trip to Michael's work area at his scheduled break time. So as the break time started to end, Michael finally asked Kris out on a date, and Kris accepted. According to Kris, they've been together ever since. They were married in the summer of 2003, and this past summer they introduced two new Holts...twin girls. Kris.jpeg Kris and Michael are a part of the 1,100 married couples at Southwest Airlines. In other words, 2,200 Southwest Employees have spouses who also work for the Company.