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A Team Player in Tampa

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Our television advertisements have always been known to incite laughter, provide quotable lines, and, of course, encourage America to fly on the LUV airline. But for Franky Van De Marimba, they inspired even more than chuckles and a ticket purchase. When Franky sat in front of the TV and watched Southwest ads flash across the screen, he started to realize how well he would fit with the smiling faces, and he finally listened to all the people who had told him that he should become part of Southwest.

Now that he is a Southwest Customer Service Agent, our Employees at Tampa International Airport (TPA) are glad to have him in the Family.

“Franky previously worked for another carrier and has brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to Southwest,” said Jay McVay, TPA Manager of Ramp and Operations. “His daily work performance is exceptional, his attitude is second to none, and most importantly, he treats our Customers with respect and dignity regardless of the situation.”

For Franky, the ability to provide quality Customer Service is one of the best parts about his job in TPA.

“I love the flexibility and empowerment that I have to offer great Customer Service,” Franky said. “Plus the Teamwork between Agents and Supervisors make TPA such a great place to work, not to mention that our Leadership is always courteous and helpful.”

It is clear that he doesn’t take his part of the TPA Team for granted, but he also doesn’t take his role in the country lightly, either.  As a new United States citizen, Franky is more aware of the long road that is ahead of anyone wanting to gain citizenship.

“After so many long years in the USA, getting my citizenship has been one of my greatest accomplishments,” Franky said. “Most people think it’s just a piece of cake, but the process is long, and I could certainly tell you a lot of stories about it. But yes, it was worth the waiting!”

The dedication, patience, and attitude that it took for Franky to become an American is evident in his interaction with Customers.

“Franky has a great attitude and the Customers are very vocal about enjoying interacting with him,” Jay said. “His pleasant demeanor draws people to him, and he has a knack for making the best of even the most difficult situations during irregular operations.”

When he is not providing Positively Outrageous Service, Franky says he likes to rest up before coming back to do it all over again, as well as find other ways of reenergizing.

“One of my passions is traveling, even if only for a day. It helps me rejuvenate my mind and soul!” said Franky.

No one knows the hardships of traveling like a frequent traveler, and it is apparent that Franky has used his LUV of exploration to provide even better service to our Customers and become a more valuable member of the TPA Team.

“Franky has already proven himself to be an asset to the Company,” said Jay.

Thanks for bringing your Fun-LUVing personality into our Family, Franky!

Meet Franky

Three things you may not have known about this TPA super star!

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Honestly, I want to go visit every country in the world because every one of them is different and has its own unique cultures, and I enjoy that. My favorite is Bali Island because the cultures blend so uniquely, the people are so warm and pleasant, the foods are fantastic, the weather is so gorgeous, and you pretty much can find anything you want and need for an affordable price.

What keeps you motivated and helps you stay positive?

I believe in the goodness of people and life, and my spiritual relationship keeps me motivated.

If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?

The power to heal, so I am able to cure for any kind or type of disease, and the world can be a better place to live.