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A Thanksgiving Blessing


Be sure and listen to this week's Red Belly Radio episode this week that features some of our Reservations folks, along with CEO Gary Kelly and his wife Carol as they cook Thanksgiving Dinner at the Ronald McDonald House.


My family and in-laws are all local, so our gathering is usually quite large. We always manage to "adopt" several single friends and other folks whose kids are scattered to the corners of our country. One of my favorite memories of our gatherings is the first time my son was old enough to offer the Thanksgiving thought, a tradition we started many years ago. He'd written something in class and was both proud and scared to deliver his "Thanksgiving address." We all gathered in the kitchen (well, as much as 24 people can actually gather in a kitchen) to hear Matthew give the blessing. He carefully pulled a step stool into the middle of the crowd, grabbed his paper, and began his profound remarks. Tears were in my eyes as he mentioned love of family, blessings of freedom, and the sacrifices our military were making so we could share a holiday like Thanksgiving together. I looked around. Not a dry eye. Then, to break the somber mood, another family member shouted, "Hey I've got my own blessing. Look out teeth, watch out gums, bless this food 'cause here it comes! Can we eat now?" Yeah, families. Never a dull moment. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. My wish for you is that you are able to spend the time with those who mean the most to you.