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A Traveler's Guide to Photography

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With 96 different domestic and international locations, Southwest is guaranteed to take you somewhere you’ll want to be camera-ready.  Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or a newbie behind the lens, these tips on being prepared to capture the perfect picture will help you come home with plenty of snapshots ready to be framed. Subject
  • Do some research:  Especially if you’re visiting somewhere you’ve never been, make sure you know what the must-do attractions are in your destination (check out our Nonstop Love posts for some Employee suggestions for cities around the SWA System).  Unbeknownst to you, all those “hidden gems” around the city that you find during your research may be the perfect spots for pictures.
  • Pack what you need, but only what you need:  There’s a reason the words “lug” and “luggage” sound so similar—carrying your bags while you travel is a chore!  When it comes to photography, you want to make sure you’re prepared, but no need to over-pack with a lot of extra equipment you don’t need.  Must-haves in your bag may include battery chargers, a camera case, and an extra memory card.
  • Shoot during “magic hours”:  For many photographers, “magic hours” include the morning and evening when the sun is right above the horizon line before rising/setting, giving the surrounding landscape a beautiful golden glow.  However, early morning is another prime time for picture-taking.  Many People will still be in bed or having breakfast, which means you can capture great shots of your favorite spots without any unexpected photobombs!
  • Candids are king:  Gone are the days where posing was the only proper way to take a photo.  Now, some of the best shots come from those moments before and after a planned pose or even capturing People in action during their everyday lives.  Tip:  If you’re trying to capture an action shot, take several quick photos in succession.  This will give you multiple candid shots to choose from.
  • Your subjects are everywhere:  Of course, People will always be some of your best subjects when trying to capture memories of your trip.  But if you’re flying solo or simply looking to diversify your portfolio, consider making other living (or non-living) objects a focal point.  Fresh fruits and vegetables (at the market), plant and animal life (in the great outdoors), and local goods (quilts, jewelry, and other trinkets) all make great documentation showcasing an adventurous trip.
  • Get advice from the locals:  No one knows a destination better than the locals.  Some of your favorite spots may end up being the lesser-known hideaways you never would have found on your own but are the go-to locations for local residents.  While you’re out and about, don’t forget to ask the People you run into for their suggestions on the best spots for some unforgettable and unique photographs.
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New Arrival

Love this post! I take photos everywhere I go!


Also, I found a product that makes it easy to take my camera with me. It is called a Camera Coat. Now I can bring my camera anywhere without having to use my big camera bag.  it was perfect for our last trip to Disneyland. if anyone is interested. 


Thanks for this great community! 

EmilMy favorite camera travel bag. They call it a Camera Coat.My favorite camera travel bag. They call it a Camera Coat.