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A Tribute to Southwest Airlines Ground Operations Employees

Explorer C

I remember being blasted awake one morning to the sound of the local weatherman cheerfully announcing another day of sub-zero temperatures and snow.  I looked at the time:  03:45 AM.  While the news continued, I threw back the warm covers, shrugged off the chill, and chuckled at the fact that this guy was going to spend the next eight hours sipping coffee and reporting the weather through his window.  I, however, was going to be outside working underneath the wings of our airplanes loading the baggage and cargo of our Valued Customers.  I am your Southwest Airlines Ramp Agent.

I remember looking in the mirror one last time before bracing myself to go out into the cold to scrape the ice off my car.  I left with plenty of time to spare,  knowing that I’d need to get my workstation ready prior to greeting my Customers, who were probably already in line waiting to check their bags and to see if their flights were even leaving with all the snow!  I am your Southwest Airlines Customer Service Agent.

I pulled on the other leg of my long johns, knowing that each time I’d go down that jetbridge to meet another aircraft I’d be blasted with the icy cold.  I wondered aloud to my cat whether this was all worth it…most people were just going home, and I was about to begin my night shift with the temperature about to drop another 5 degrees  Then I remembered all the People who were counting on me.  I am your Southwest Airlines Operations Agent.

I am a Ground Operations Employee of Southwest Airlines.  I have a Warrior Spirit in spite of the winter weather.  I have a Servant’s Heart to get you to your final destination with all the means I have available to accommodate you.  I have a Fun-LUVing attitude to make sure you enjoy the time you spend with us; the time in which I’ve had the privilege of serving you.  Thank you for that opportunity.  You have many choices; thanks for choosing us!

Aviator C
Janice, I remember back when I worked on the ramp (for another carrier), I used to hate listening to weather reporters who get all excited about bad weather. Brian
Explorer C
I worked at Boston's Logan Airport for New York Air in the days when all the women wore skirts and heels. When yet another nor' easter blew in yet another two feet of snow, I remember wishing I was able to wear a pair of pants and boots to work to meet those airplanes!
Explorer B
Hi Janice, Thanks for the tribute, I work on the ramp at IAD and after loading all the bags that people were bring back from the Inauguration reading your post was the perfect way to unwind.
Explorer C
All too often we grumble about airline performance. Thank you, Southwest - I can't blame you for the lousy weather, but I am grateful for the cheerful attitude and giving spirit of all your employees. You make my world a better place to be, even if just for the short time I am a recipient of your hospitality. My sister – the author of this post – knows I don't use Southwest just because I want to support the company she works for. I fly Southwest often for my business for two reasons: for your affordable price and for great way you make me feel when I am in your care (and not necessarily in that order).My flights are not always perfect, though I have rarely encountered a Southwest employee who wasn't willing to serve and help. Carol
Explorer C
Glad to know you are there working for us as we put our confidence in Southwest Airlines to fly us to our daily destinations! Whether for family gatherings or work related travels, we can always depend on the many employees at SW who make our travel enjoyable and SAFE! So... Thanks!
Explorer C
Been flying Southwest for over 20 years. Great price...but...even better service. Just flew home from Lake Tahoe. Flight attendents/gate agents fantastic. Sat and watched 2 gate agents help a gentleman who had missed his flight. They spent 20-30 minutes searching and searching the computer trying to find a way to get him to Tennessee from Reno. After the man left the counter one of the agents smiled and said to the other one, wish we could have gotten him their today. I wish that I had gotten their names. Service at its finest!! We flew out heading to San Antonio. Great flight home!! Must sister-in-law works for Southwest. But that is another story!!
Explorer C
I would not fly on Southwest if you PAID ME TO! Their maintenance is terrible. Their pilots have higher minimums than any other airline. Their crew and flight attendants get 2-3 weeks less training than any other airline and their counter staff are rude and look SUPER SLOPPY, JUST LIKE YOUR MAINTENANCE. If your staff has no pride in their own appearance, it means they have no pride in their work either and IT SHOWS! Most of your passengers are stinky, dirty mouthed, loud, have dirty feet in flip flops, are either half naked and/or have not taken a shower, shaved or combed their hair in months--on the other hand they go very well with your sloppy, dirty counter staff and in flight crew! Please do not send me any more offers through spam, directly or through third parties. I repeat, I would not fly on Southwest if you PAID ME TO! Thank you!
Explorer C
In response to the post about not flying Southwest if they were paid to....It's unfortunate that Southwest can not accommodate perfect passengers such as yourself. Southwest Employees take pride in not taking themselves seriously or being perfect. And in my opinion I think that is why most people fly SWA. Southwest has colored outside the lines since 1966 which is one of the reasons why they just posted their 36 year of profitability. Maybe all the "stinky, dirty mouthed, loud, have dirty feet in flip flops, are either half naked and/or have not taken a shower, shaved or combed their hair in months passengers" are on to something...... 🙂