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A Unique Bags Fly Free Message

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As a Dallas Crew Base Coordinator, Southwest Airlines has presented me with many opportunities, and it’s true when they say you never know what is right around the corner. That became so very true a few weeks ago on a gorgeous September afternoon when I was asked to photograph a group of our Flight Attendants--who all happen to be pregnant! As the expecting mommies started arriving at the airport, I could just feel the fun in the air. It all started with a cute comment about getting them all together and from there, the idea took flight! I was lucky enough to be the one to document it all.

We made our way out to the ramp to get our grips on all the Southwest props we could. Who knew baggage carts and belt loaders could be so artistic? It’s not that easy to climb, twist, and move when you’re eight months pregnant, but that didn’t stop our ladies from making it happen!

I think my favorite part of the whole thing was their “baby bump” spin-off of our “Bags Fly Free” campaign. The Rampers made a most memorable impression with their football-inspired belly painting commercial from not too long ago. Well, our gals did their own version! With letters and tape in hand, our moms spelled out “Bags Fly Free” on their baby bellies! (It was rather entertaining to see them try and use tape on a bunch of lotion-lathered tummies!)  They spelled it out and proudly displayed it all to a plane departing from Dallas. From the ground we saw tons of cameras and cell phones up to the windows. From Customers to Ramp Agents to the Flight Crew, you could tell their audience was completely entertained!

The whole experience was such a wonderful reminder to me of just how much Southwest values Family and FUN. We do our best to celebrate with our Employees when there are exciting things happening in their lives, and this was just another great example of that support and encouragement.

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luv it, luv it, luv it!
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I luv luv luv this !!! Not only because it was written by one of the most wonderful people I know and love, but because there really is a company out there that still cares about its customers.. Thank you SWA!!