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A Warm Welcome to Rochester, New York

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One doesn’t have to look very far to find a connection between Southwest Airlines and the ROC…Rochester, New York, that is!

Rochestarians are naturals at doing good, so they fit right in with one of the ways we live and work here at Southwest –a Servant’s Heart.  Their heart is evident in all they do, through superb Customer Service found at a local hot spot, or a Good Samaritan lending a hand to push your car out of the snow. The people of Rochester have given me a warm welcome and I am proud to help bring Southwest Airlines to the community. It couldn’t be a more perfect fit!

As a tourist destination and a place to live and thrive, Rochester has it all.  With summer approaching and the snow beginning to melt away, the city bustles with anticipation of warm weather activities.  Amid highs in the 80’s, you can’t go wrong boating on the Erie Canal, swimming in Lake Ontario, or attending the annual Lilac Festival.  When it comes to local eateries, if you are looking for a new spot, you can’t beat the up-and-coming TRATA.  Fish and chips can be found at a pub called OLD TOAD, where all the furnishing and décor are authentic and from Britain, including the staff!  For the breakfast of champions, Highland Park Diner is where it’s at.  Our wine trails and historic sites provide a deeper look into the city and ensure an experience that you won’t forget.  Come and see for yourself!

Rochester, New York is a beautiful place that I am proud to call home. Thank you, Rochester, for your Servant’s Heart and for all you do!  I personally look forward to welcoming everyone on board a Southwest Airlines flight from ROC so we can return the favor and show you more of what living the Southwest Way is all about.