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A Wish Trip for Dex

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A few weeks ago, my seven-year-old son, Dex, went on the trip of a lifetime.  Dex has been diagnosed with a cardiac condition. His big wish was to go on a cruise, and Make-A-Wish and Southwest Airlines made his dream a reality.

The Employees of Southwest made our flight to Orlando an unforgettable experience.  I had flown on a plane before, but my kids were excited (and a little nervous) to experience their very first flight.  We were able to board the plane first, and Dex got to meet the Pilot and First Officer.  He was even able to sit in the First Officer’s seat and check out the buttons!

On board the plane, the Flight Crew announced that my family was on a Make-A-Wish trip.  The Flight Attendants helped my daughters, Cierra and Marina, pass out snacks to everyone on the plane.  Then, when I least expected it, a random act of kindness happened in the air.  A couple on the flight shared with me that they had decided to make a $500 donation to Make-A-Wish in Dex’s name.  They had been trying to decide which organization to give their donation to, and seeing Dex’s wish come true had inspired them to get involved.  We felt so special and honored!

Our Make-A-Wish trip was truly wonderful.  On the cruise ship, we attended a special meet-and-greet event for all of the Make-A-Wish families.  Dex had an amazing time!

From the air to the sea, Make-A-Wish and Southwest Airlines made sure that my son’s special trip was an experience we will always remember.  Thank you so much for granting Dex’s wish! 

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Southwest is awesome.....Only airline I fly on!
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The little guy in the photo (wearing a yellow shirt) is clearly not impressed. 🙂
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Pilots are the best people in the world, in my opinion!