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A grown man sends a love letter to Southwest Airlines

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A grown man sends a love letter to Southwest Airlines

This last week I flew Southwest Airlines and I came to the amazing conclusion after my trip, “I love Southwest Airlines”. For all these years I have been keeping this as my little secret as all my friends have said Southwest can’t be good service as it is one of those “low cost” airlines. Having flown every domestic airline and many international airlines I am now ready to proclaim, “I love Southwest Airlines”. I know that my hoity-toity friends with their 100 K frequent flyer cards will surely thumb their noses up at me for being so openly in love with an airline that brags that their fares are so low they are “peanuts”, but I am ready to take the heat for loving peanuts.

Reason #1 I love Southwest Airlines – Their people smile –
Can you imagine people that smile when they serve you? Their gate agents smile, their flight attendants smile, their pilots smile and even the ground crews seem happy. The rest of the airlines must be asking, what is wrong with these people. They actually act like they enjoy their jobs.


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