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A "Coca-Cola" Connection

Explorer A
When Southwest Customer Michele Logan asked OAK Flight Attendant John Nichols for “the whole can of Coke,” he handed her a can with the endearment “BFF” emblazoned across it, which is part of Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign. Michele and her travel companion surely did make a “BFF”—“Best Flying Friend”—in John!  They were thoroughly impressed by his excellent Customer Service and friendly attitude.  So much so, they just had to snap a picture with him and the “BFF” Coke can! John Nichols-Michele Logan Michele states that, "[John] is such a credit to Southwest.  He is the 'one' that you always hear about when other people talk about what a great experience they had on their flight."  Thanks for connecting and sharing your Heart with our Customers, John!