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A "Foiled" Attempt

Adventurer C

Fun comes in many shapes and sizes around here...and sometimes it goes to the extreme.

Such was the case last week when Online Marketing Specialist Sheri Salas arrived at work on her birthday to find a special birthday surprise from her boss, Kevin Kleist.

dscf3664.JPG dscf3662.JPG dscf3661.JPG

Kevin wrapped EVERYTHING on her desk...including notebooks and shot glasses (um, Sheri, explanation?).

Gotta love office pranks...feel free to share any good ones you've seen or done to someone in your office. I personally am a huge fan of "The Office" on NBC and think Jim's office pranks on Dwight (especially the cell phone in the ceiling tiles and the stapler in jello) are brilliant.

Adventurer B
If any blog post needs pictures, it's this one!
Adventurer B
A chemists' prank... We dropped a collegue's cell phone into a big beer mug full of chemicals (that happen to have perfect isolating characteristics), left it on his desk, and watched him despair for a few seconds when he returned, than rang his phone. He was quite shocked to see it ringing inside the liquid! (Alas, for confidentiality reasons, I cannot name the product! - it is non-toxic, and with a bit of help evaporates, leaving no residue). Raphael
Active Member
I am a personal fan of the "fake cockroach"... there are just so many times and uses for this one! And it's not quite as bad as throwing an actual live bug (cricket) on your boss's desk (Irene).... fortunately she had a good sense of humor!
Explorer B
I didn't cause the prank, but I helped straighten it out. My mother and her second husband got a couple of monetary gifts from friends as wedding presents. If I recall correctly the first was a card that contained 5 checks for $20 each. Each check was cut up into peices, and they were all in the same envelope. The second gift they got was a HUGE metal cylinder of coins (think of a 10 gallon bucket). It had also included sugar, and the metal ends were welded on. We spent HOURS rinsing the change out of the sugar, and I spent hours stacking and rolling the coins after that. It was a nice chunk of change (he, he, he), but a LOT of work!
Explorer C
This brings back such good Southwest memories. I worked at SWA HDQ Systems back in the late 90's and the "cube pranks" were infamous. Once, for a birthday, we wrapped taped over the cube "door" and filled it with packing peanuts. The cleaning folks were real happy with that. Another birthday, we turned everything in a cube either upside down or backwards or both. I think the best was when we switched users keyboards and mice. When one person moved their mouse, it moved on their next door neighbors screen. Thanks so much for the wonderful memories SWA/WNCO. And I'll be checking my cube closely tomorrow. (-: Cheers, Michael Domingo Emplyoee number 435XX Washington, DC
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Well, I know where to go if I have some leftovers to wrap up. I have to say that our leaders have a great sense of humor and it's nice to know we can all work hard and play.
Explorer C
At my last job, I worked at an architects office. We ran through so much paper because we were constantly printing plans out. Our boss would get so mad at us cuz we were going through boxes of paper fast. We finally came up with a brillant plan to keep all the used paper. It took us 4 months but we finally had enough to fill his office with paper. We are talking floor to ceiling. It was awesome we had to crawl out of his window cuz we couldn't get back out of his door. Least to say he got us back but not nearly as good as we got him. :)By the way Angela I am a huge fan of "The Office" too. By far the best Jim prank on Dwight is when he put his desk in the mens restroom. Brillant. Anyways everyone have a great day.
Frequent Flyer B
Oh, good one! 🙂 That's too funny. Interesting fact: The FOIL method in Math is First, Outside, Inside, Last (even though I've never used Algebra since I graduated from high school & college, I remember that!).
Explorer C
More from technology: I personally believe that this is not a "true" foil-wrapped cube. Why, I could see the famous lavender-flecked formica desktop! Foil should be completely wrapped in the cube! We even had a foil disco-ball in one of our cubes. The best "OFFICE" prank for me was when Jim tossed Andy's cell phone across the suspended ceiling so that it landed on the ceiling tile above his desk. Everytime his annoying cell phone rang--- merriment ensued as he searched for the phone!
Explorer C
After some thinking I would like to recall my favorite "Office" moment. It is now is when Jim put Dwight's desk supplies in the vending maching. Watching Pam buy his pencil holder was extremely entertaining. The best is when Jim gives him a handful of change to get his wallet out. Awesome.
Adventurer C
I love The Office too! There's a sweatshirt available online that reads "Schrute Farms Beets" - only the truest fans will get it! My prank pales in comparison, but I once covered a colleaugue's desk , chair, and floor in staple pullers (i found an entire box of them in storage), then closed off his cube in wrapping paper. Birthdays are great for pranks! Nikki
Explorer C
I may have to buy one of those t-shirts, Nikki!
Explorer C
That is awesome Nikki...I am totally getting one of those shirts too. 🙂
Adventurer C
Hey guys! It's on My husband is already getting one for his brithday - I can't wait to see his face! :-) Sorry for the delayed response! Nikki
Aviator C
Nikki, I hope the hubby doesn't read your comment before his birthday--although I do hope he reads our blog. Blog Boy
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Angela, How do I get in touch with someone from your business development department? Interested in exploring a possible relationship. Thanks so much. Clayton Bain