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A "Royel" Time on Southwest

Explorer C

Captain RoyelCaptain RoyelMeet and Greet with the Captain!Meet and Greet with the Captain!

My husband and I took our 12 year old grandson, Royel, to Washington, D.C. on vacation. He is very gifted and it was his desire to learn as much as possible on our trip. We saw many monuments, memorials, a White House tour, the US Capitol and a couple of Smithsonian museums. We didn't have nearly enough time to see all of the museums.


Royel had never flown before. The flight to D.C. was delayed quite a bit so I did not approach the crew to request a visit with the Captain. However, on the way home I had an opportunity to request a meet and greet. Southwest delivered big time!!!! Royel was allowed to meet the Crew and sit in the cockpit chair. Totally fantastic. I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful smile.


This is why I have only flown Southwest for the past 25 years.


Thank you Southwest!


Peggy Birthrong