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ATL, We're Comin' Your Way!

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Atlanta business leaders were given the opportunity to chat with Southwest’s CEO, Gary Kelly, at today’s Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce Luncheon. The Insights on Leadership Luncheon, which was attended by more than 400 business, civic, and community leaders of Atlanta, aims to spotlight national leaders and give them the chance to share tips regarding their success in business. 

During the program, Gary surprised the audience with the exciting announcement that Southwest Airlines will begin service to Atlanta with an initial schedule of 15 daily nonstop departures to five destinations:  Baltimore/Washington, Chicago Midway, Denver, Houston Hobby, and Austin! With initial fares for nonstop travel as low as $79 one-way, the first Southwest flights to and from Georgia will be an exciting milestone as Southwest fills a hole in its robust route map. To see a visual of Atlanta’s route map, click here.  Here’s what the schedule looks like: 

BEGINNING FEB. 12, 2012 (open for sale today on😞

  • $99 each way between Atlanta and Austin - two daily nonstop roundtrips
  • $79 each way between Atlanta and Baltimore/Washington - four daily nonstop roundtrips 
  • $99 each way between Atlanta and Denver - two daily nonstop roundtrips
  • $99 each way between Atlanta and Houston Hobby - three daily nonstop roundtrips
  • $79 each way between Atlanta and Chicago Midway - four daily nonstop roundtrips

The big news was met with applause around the room. After the excitement of the new service was announced, the crowd listened intently as Gary discussed the recent acquisition of AirTran Airways and gave an update on the business. He also spoke very candidly about his career in aviation and even shared of a few of his secrets of success.

Attendees were thrilled to meet Gary and the Team of Southwest Employees who traveled from Dallas to attend the luncheon.  These trailblazers of the community conveyed their enthusiasm about Southwest beginning service in Atlanta as well as their eagerness to establish a relationship with our Company.

Gary expressed his enthusiasm about joining forces with AirTran and assured the crowd that Southwest would work hard introducing ourselves to Atlanta and help support the city’s rich diversity of exceptional nonprofits and organizations. He also asked that Atlantans take the time to get to know Southwest and learn more about Southwest’s Fun-LUVing, unique culture.

To view photos and video from the event, visit

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Welcome to Atlanta! We're very happy to have you here. We've been waiting a long long time for SouthWest. Just keep in mind we love AirTran too - glad to see the 2 best airlines team up!
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Need service between Atlanta and Orlando........PLEASE
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But will airtran keep flying those routes to? ea: ATL-HOU?? if o the number of daily frequencies southwest will fly in that market are 6...
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I am excited to see some red bellied planes here! But I wonder about the choice of cities. Why put your aircraft into competion for revenue from your subsidiary? (On all routes except Austin.) It seems to me that it would have been better to go up against your competitor (Delta) on some of their monopoly routes to cities that you already serve. I fear it may lead to some unnecessary confusion where Airtran has a flight to MDW or DEN with seat assignments and a business class bracketed by your flights without those - but charging the same fare? Why bleed your brother and not the competitor?
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will there be a direct Flight from Sacramento to ATL- (i hope)
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I was *hoping* for an announcement from Atlanta to Louisville. There is nothing for Airtran to Louisville and nothing from Southwest to Atlanta...still hopeful...soon 🙂
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Please begin service between ATL and JAX! I am tired of the 5.5 hour drive and refuse to fly Delta legacy. HURRY!!
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Shreveport to Atlanta!!!! At such reasonable rates you would have NO competition! Shreveport to N.O.----again, NO competition with direct flights and certainly NOT cheap! I am seriously wondering why SW does not come into SHV? If ANY airline came into SHV with reasonable, people would definitely fly out of here instead of seeking reasonable airfare elsewhere. Just sayin'.......
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It's about time SW goes to Atlanta!!! I live in Vegas but have family near Atlanta now maybe it won't cost me and my family in Vegas an arm and a leg and my first born's college fund to go visit my parents in Columbus Ga.!!!! Thank you!!!!
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Oh, Southwest, won't you PLEASE come to Ft Wayne, Indiana & give us all a break for extreme airfares?? Be our 'fairy godmother' & rescue us from our evil step sisters Delta,American,United & Continental! We are continually at their mercy; why have you forsaken us? Are we even in your radar for the future? Sincerely, Cheryl Maples
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Waiting for Southwest to go to Bakersfield CA.
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Absolutely thrilled to see the ATX to ATL flights!! It's been so expensive for so long to fly between the two. I love Southwest's low prices.
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The cities listed are all hubs for Southwest, with the exception of Austin, which connects to Dallas. Southwest won't do as many directs, but you can get to more places with connections.
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This is great news!!!! I moved to Atlanta 3 years ago from Tampa... flew sw all the time. Please make a direct flight to Tampa so I can visit family more!!!!
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KNOXVILLE via Southwest to ANYWHERE!!!
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For those of you asking about other cities from ATL, once Southwest get a Single Operating Certificate, they can sell seats on both Airtran and Southwest as well combine the two airlines into one. You will see a lot more flights from ATL under the Southwest name once that happens. For patient
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NEED ATLANTA DULLES Service please!!
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Longtime RR Member who has been driving to BHM and BNA for a long time - this is great news - add more routes soon!!
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1. ATL to AUS nonstop. I've been waiting for this for 1-1/2 decades! 2. The link to the ATL route map goes somewhere else.
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Please add Sacramento to Atlanta!!!!!!!!!!!
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2 thoughts: 1. MHT-ATL Delta = $862 RT 2. WN recently pulled 4 daily MHT-PHL which seriously reduced southbound connection options from MHT. ATL would make a superior replacement.
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Can you please provide service from atlanta to Birmingham alabams !!!
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Very disappointed that the 717's are probably going away. Also disappointed that my last 3 comments on this website trying to say the same thing when the schedules were extended never got posted.
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How about adding Atlanta to Phoenix?
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Im not seeing these $99 fares between ATL-DEN and I'm looking in March 2012 and the cheapest is $120. When/where are these $99 flights?
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Are there future plans to have non-stop flights to/from Atlanta and St Louis airports? If so, are the dates known for this yet? Please advise. Thanks, Bryan munden
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Went to book at Southwest. Your blog says $79 Chicago to Atlanta. The ticket prices are $103. Where are the $79 flights? Anyone know?