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Above And Beyond an MBA

New Arrival



Working as an Intern at Southwest Airlines has been one of the best things that happened to me. As the Technology Business Consultant MBA Intern on the Mosaic, Corporate Delivery Team, I get the opportunity to wear many hats on a myriad of projects. I am developing a reporting framework template, designing technical solutions to business problems, and working as an analyst to estimate schedule impacts of change requests. These experiences helped me tremendously in establishing a foundation in the business and gave me the perspective I needed to reflect on the career track that I would like to pursue at Southwest Airlines.



The one factor that has me spellbound is the Southwest Culture. I am overwhelmed by the support and encouragement I receive from my Team and each and every Southwest Employee. The positive environment, constant guidance and fun nature of the Employees are what makes Southwest one of the best Companies that I have worked for. The many exciting events are an integral part of the Employee friendly work Culture.  

As Interns, we also had the opportunity to visit the San Antonio Station. It helped us get intriguing insights into how the various Teams in Ground Operations work together to achieve Southwest’s fabled Customer Service. Having believed in social service all my life, I was thrilled to participate in a Leadership event, wherein we enjoyed a day at a local school, giving back to those in need. We had an engaging day, facilitating a series of activities for 30 children, ranging from bubble soccer, surprise visits from the zoo, an ice cream truck and even a fire truck!


Be it learning about all the technologies involved in running an airline, from reservations to the maintenance of each part of the aircraft, or about all the operations in the airport, or that the fuel for the flights is actually stored in the wings (imagine that!), or just simply taking a tour of the hangar, each day at Southwest is an experience in itself. I would strongly encourage everyone to apply to the Campus Reach Program at Southwest!