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Ahoy, from Southwest Arrr! Hoist the main tail!

Explorer C

Getting ready for work this morning I noticed a parrot sitting on my shoulder. Peculiar. And as I made my trip from faaarrrrrrr norrrth--Whoah. What happened therrrrrre? Hey, therrrrr it is again.

Ah yes, now I remember. Today is September 19th. The day when we accentuate our "rrrrr"s, check our teeth for scurvy, and pack our swords on our way to work. That's right, it's International Talk Like A Pirate Day. And somehow, I convinced someone to let me drag the Southwest Airlines website into our team's silly little version of Pirate-land.

Talk like a pirate day

For one day only, we've donned our eyepatches, screwed on our peg legs, and hoisted our flag on the homepage. Shiver me timbers! Our design "pirates" have comandeered our graphics and rewritten all our offers--and Aarrrgh, are they terrrrible spellerrrrrs!

It's all in the spirit of having fun and a healthy dose of let's-not-take-ourselves-too-serious-ness. Hopefully it puts a smile on your face and encourages you as you head to work today to get your best Jack Sparrow impression going, put on your silly pants, and enjoy the caaaarrrrrrr ride in. 

Yo ho ho and a bottle of fun!