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Southwest Airlines Community

AirTran Pilots Rally to Support Ronald McDonald House Charities


Every year, Southwest Airlines donates funds raised at the annual LUV Classic Golf Tournament to the Ronald McDonald House Charities. This year’s recipients included Houses in Oklahoma City, Little Rock, Cleveland, Atlanta, and Dallas. But this year, the giving didn’t stop there. A few additional Houses are benefitting thanks to some generous AirTran Pilots who rallied together to demonstrate their culture and values.

AirTran Pilots Reid Bradley and Mike Davenport recently presented a check to the Ronald McDonald House Charities for an impressive $16,400. Together, Reid and Mike encouraged other Pilots to make personal contributions toward their worthy fundraising initiative. The proceeds will be split between Ronald McDonald Houses in Atlanta, Orlando, and Milwaukee in equal parts.


“On behalf of the 1,700 plus pilots of AirTran Airways, we are honored to be associated with Ronald McDonald House Charities,” said Reid. “We look forward to being involved with RMHC in the years to come as we transition from AirTran to Southwest.”