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All's Fair in Open Seating and Crosswords

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We’re in the thick of March Madness, having reached the “Sweet 16” stage of the NCAA Basketball Tournament this week.  As like-minded fans congregate to cheer on their teams and ardent adversaries face off in heated hard-court battles, we bring you a LUV Mail story that shows how open seating can turn rivalry into romance and how onboard magazine crossword puzzles can lead you to cross paths with the love of your life. Back in September 2010, Southwest Customers Jordan Brooks and Elana Ramirez boarded the same light from San Diego with one thing on their minds:  winning!  Jordan’s Colorado Buffaloes and Elana’s California Golden Bears were going head to head at Memorial Stadium in Berkeley, California later that afternoon.  Little did these opposing fans know that this Southwest flight to OAK would change the course of their lives. cal Jordan boarded before Elana, who took the open seat next to Jordan shortly thereafter.  The two engaged in some small talk that quickly became an impassioned discussion between rivals.  To diffuse the situation, Jordan stopped talking and turned his attention toward the Spirit magazine crossword puzzle.  He soon noticed that Elana glancing over his shoulder, and before long, they were working on the puzzle together:  one picking up where the other left off, complete complements.  They decided to meet up after the game for a drink.  Four and a half years later, Jordan and Elana are engaged to be married in September 2015, exactly five years after the met on a Southwest LUV jet! broncoschargers Congratulations, Jordan and Elana!  We’re so glad that each of you has found your seatmate for life!  May you always work on Southwest:  The Magazine crosswords together, and may you never go to bed angry after Buffalo/Bear or Broncos/Chargers games.