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Always Give, Always Care, and Always Serve

Explorer C
As a native Atlantan, I come from a family of givers.  I feel that it’s important to continue my family’s long tradition of helping in the community, both in terms of financial giving and volunteerism.  My personal motto is, “Always Give, Always Care, and Always Serve!” I am passionate about so many organizations in the Atlanta Community, but the Georgia Radio Reading Service (GaRRS) is where I choose to spend the majority of my time volunteering.  The State’s only radio reading service, GaRRS is an independent closed-circuit radio station whose mission is to improve the quality of life for every Georgian who is blind, visually-impaired or has difficulty with access to the printed word, by broadcasting current information via sub channel (SCA) radio transmission and streaming on the Internet.  GaRRS broadcasts daily newspapers, current magazines, books, public service announcements, and other community information seven days a week, 24 hours a day by way of SCA radio receivers and a password-protected audio streaming link from the web site. I donate my voice and time to GaRRS by hosting the station’s “Lullaby Hour.”  The hour-long, monthly radio show is designed to reach GaRRS listeners who are between two and six years old—critical years for learning to read—in an effort to encourage their practice of reading Braille.
At the High Tea with High Heels fashion show.
At the High Tea with High Heels fashion show.
As a result of my volunteer work, I received a call that I was being recognized by the Trumpet Awards Foundation as one of the 2014 High Tea with High Heels honorees, I was truly humbled!  Xernona Clayton, founder of the organization, was one of the main reasons why I wanted to major in radio/TV/film in college.  In high school, I heard and read about all of the great things she was doing for civil rights and for the broadcasting industry.  Not only was she smart and passionate about various causes, she was the first Southern African American to host a daily prime time talk show.  As a result, she opened doors for women of color interested in pursuing careers in broadcasting and the public relations industries. It is so important for the Trumpet Awards Foundation to recognize distinguished women for their achievements, because oftentimes women give and do so much quietly.  There are many women doing extraordinary things, not for the recognition, but because they genuinely care.  Organizations like the Trumpet Awards Foundation can recognize unsung heroes because of the support of companies like Southwest Airlines. Corporate partnerships have come to be an integral part of the identity and survival of most nonprofit organizations. I am proud to be recognized by an organization I admire and a leader I’ve long looked up to. Thank you, Southwest, for supporting nonprofits like The Trumpet Awards Foundation and helping them make a positive difference in our communities. Southwest Airlines is proud to celebrate Black History Month in February and all throughout the year through Community Partnerships in the cities we serve.  Through our work with nonprofit organizations like the Trumpet Foundation, we enjoy the opportunity to celebrate outstanding individuals who are dedicated to making a positive difference in the communities we serve.