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An Educational Opportunity - Glen Oaks Elementary, Covina, CA

Adventurer A
A blog? I'm gonna be writing for a blog? When I found out I had the opportunity to write for Nuts About Southwest, I was very excited. I will try over the course of this "thing", whatever this "thing" is, to share with you what happens on the airplane, on our overnights and just what it means to be a Flight Attendant for the best darned airline in the country. One of the things that we get to do as Flight Attendants is participate in the educational process of the next generation. Today, I had the pleasure of having 97 kids and their chaperones from Glen Oaks Elementary School in Covina, CA on our flight from Ontario, California (ONT) to Sacramento, California (SMF). They were going to up to SMF to take a guided tour of the California State Capital building, explore Sutter's Fort, have a lesson at the Old Schoolhouse Museum, enjoy a wagon ride through Old Town Sacramento, and experience the California State Railroad Museum. We had a great time with them on the airplane as I'm sure you can tell by the pictures! This tour was arranged by: Educational Discovery Tours Glenoaks4._resize.bmp GlenOaks3_resize.bmpGlenOaks2_resize.bmpGlenOaks1_resize.bmp
Explorer C
Hey James! I would never be patient enough to be a good FA, but I envy you guys and the pilots (Adopt-aPilot) getting to interact with all the kids. It's exciting to see their hungry little minds soaking up all the new things there are to learn. I can' t help but smile and laugh out loud when I see a group of youngsters touring our Headquarters ... they're always so excited. Keep the blogs coming!
Explorer C
James - WOW! I remember the days of running as fast I could to get away from having my hair pulled and now you are inspiring the younger generation! I'm really proud of you for putting up with and entertaining 97 kids as well! It sounds like a great deal of fun! It's also nice to know that Southwest and its FA put the customers first! From your sister - Miss ya and Love ya ALWAYS - DENA
Explorer A
Is this the James that used to work at ORC? (Oklahoma Reservations Center) Robin Sell ORC/SUP
Explorer C
You go Jim (James)!!! Great job-hope to read more of your blogs in the future.
Adventurer C
Just curious... I thought it was now illegal for anyone other than the pilot and FO to be the cockpit (second picture). Am I wrong?
Aviator C
Dear "Yanqui" Anytime the aircraft is being operated, including taxiing, only authorized Crew Members and observers are allowed in the cockpit. However, when the aircraft is at the gate, we can allow Customers a supervised visit to the cockpit, time and Crew duties permitting.Â
Adventurer C
Thanks for the clarification, Brian. I appreciate it!
Explorer C
Please do not ruin Southwest's great reputation by assigning seats. If it's not broke--don't fix it.