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An Employee Comes Home

Explorer C
The 87 members of the Army Reserve Unit waiting to board the Southwest 737 heading to Colorado and back to their families after a year’s deployment in Afghanistan were ecstatic to be on the final leg of their journey.  But one was more excited than the others.  Known for the last 13 months as Army Specialist Nein, she’d soon be returning to her normal existence where she’s better known as Southwest DEN Ramp Agent Andrea Nein.

Smiling, and still dressed in her camouflage fatigues. Andrea told the Flight Crew, “I was so happy to hear one of our airplanes was going to take us on the flight home.”  Andrea had herself assigned as the only female to the baggage detail for the military charter flight and showed her Army cohorts how to load a bin properly. 
Later she helped the Flight Attendants serve, and posed for pictures in the cabin—always with a beaming proud smile.
Andrea Passing out Peanuts
Her duties in Bagram, Afghanistan included guarding prisoners and detainees, but the petite Ramp Agent now will busy herself with lots of traveling on her off days to the new fun cities Southwest has added in the last year and accustoming herself to all the changes that have taken place in her absence. 

Welcome Home, Andrea, and thank you for your service!
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