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An Experiment Gone Wrong

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The anticipation’s been killing you!  For more than a month now, you’ve been wondering what Gary and the Gang would be for Halloween.  Did you suggest the winning costume?  There were several ideas from Customers on Nuts about Southwest, and the post about Gary’s Halloween costume on our internal site has more comments from Employees than any other post. Lots of Halloween SPIRIT! 

Drum roll please……Gary Kelly, Southwest Airlines’ CEO, President, and Chairman of the Board, has been spotted dressed as Frankenstein! 

Gary got us again!  Not many people were expecting a traditional Halloween costume from our Halloween-LUVing Leader!  Gary has mastered the roll of Frankenstein, and if it weren’t for his Servant’s Heart, you might think he was the real deal! 

If you catch a glimpse of Frankenstein today, you’ll notice he’s accompanied by four brides.  These normally LUVly ladies have an edge to them today!  Nan Barry, Julie Hildebrand, Shelley Beckman, and Andrea Mathews are a haunting site! 

A special thank you to Party City for assisting us this year!  Keep your eyes peeled.  You never know where you’ll see the cast next, around the Southwest System or on the silver screen.

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It is like Sister Wives in the Frankenstein alternate reality!!!