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An Inside Look at Change: San Jose Style

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To illustrate his post, Matt sent us some pictures of the new San Jose terminal and of his Coworkers.


At Southwest Airlines, the Company Culture can be a little different than most companies.  Sometimes it can seem odd, weird, different, or strange to Company outsiders but those of us who are privileged to work for such a great Company it happens everyday.  Southwest Airlines trusts and empowers our Employees to work hard, play harder, and make the right decision when dealing with Internal and External Customers.

One of the Internal terms that is often used to describe Employees who persevere through adverse situations is “Warrior Spirit.”   The Southwest Airlines Employees who work at the San Jose Airport have truly shown their “Warrior Spirit” recently.

The San Jose airport has gone through some dramatic changes in preparation of the new terminal which opened recently.  Over the last year, the ticket counter has moved TWICE.  The ticket counter baggage belt, the area where  Ramp Agents pick up the bags, and the baggage screening area have all changed so many times that we lost count.  Every day we would walk in and a back door would be boarded up, the back-office hallways were closed, or the path that Ramp Agents drive the tugs to take bags from the screening area to load them on the plane would have changed.

The Legendary Southwest Airlines Customer Service continued at SJC throughout all the construction.  Passengers were checked in fast and efficiently at the ticket counter.  They were greeted at the gates with announcements that provided flight information.  We held flights as long as we could to help make sure all the bags that were checked in for free could be loaded properly on the planes.  Ramp Agents off-loaded planes and took the bags to baggage claim for the Passengers to pick up.   Baggage Claim Agents reunited Passengers with their bags.

Despite the difficulties of not always knowing to where some of the back-office moved; despite not knowing where the break room was located; despite not knowing where a storage room was or where supplies that are necessary for our day-to-day business operation were  located, we perservered.

All of us Southwest Airlines employees who work at San Jose truly showed our Warrior Spirit by continuing to provide Legendary Customer Service during a difficult year while the San Jose Airport was under construction.  Now that Southwest Airlines operates out of the beautiful new terminal, you can continue to expect the same high level of Customer Service.  Only difference is that the new terminal is much nicer with better restaurants. 


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